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  • The Spirit Realm

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  • The Spirit's Pantheon

    A place which many mortals never see in person, this strange plane is home to the few deities that reside in the world and is also home to the Reapers who perform the daunting task of keeping track of every soul within the world and ensuring that those who die are passed on to the afterlife or reborn.
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  • Purgatory

    For those that find themselves at the wrong end of a blade or perhaps at the mercy of a deranged mage: Death is not the end, merely, it is a beginning in which you will be given a chance to start your life anew if the Reapers judge you worthy - Or you may end up cast into the Void to suffer an eternity of emptiness.
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  • The Void

    The Void is simply that: A vast and empty expanse of nothing but pure white in which you are doomed to wander endlessly without progress for eons upon eons until your punishment is justly served. Although many do not stay sane throughout this process - You just may if you are patient enough.
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