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  • The Iron Valley

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  • Aberstwyth

    The capital of the Iron Valley, this sprawling city is rumored to be paved with brick and have many technologies and magics that the rest of the world could hardly comprehend - let alone wield. Not much is known about this city save for contemporary accounts from a singular bard who had reportedly traveled there, but nonetheless, strangers have emerged from the city and traveled across the world to join the search for glory and gold just as anyone else.
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  • The Towers

    Referring to the massive Towers which line the walls of the secretive Iron Valley, each of these structures are rumored to contain powerful mages or expert rangers capable of detecting and dealing with a threat miles away - although no one has ever seemed to make it close enough to the Wall to confirm this due to the treacherous path even leading up to the Wall itself.
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  • The Iron Pass

    Considered by many to be the only way in and out of the Iron Valley, this miles long pass is lined with mountains on either side and is home to all sorts of feral wildlife along with being home to druids and other such individuals that do not take kindly to their territory being encroached upon; What is known is that no one is known to have made it through the pass to the Iron Valley without either giving up or simply never returning.
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