Lamina Night (WIP)

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Lamina Night (WIP)

Post by Lamina on Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:53 pm


The Basics:
Character Name: Christiné Badéaux
Character Alias: Lamina Night
Character Race: Human
Character Age:  16
Character Gender: Female
Character Family: N/A
Character Magic: [Innate] Destruction

The Finer Details:
Personality: (At least two-hundred words, describe how your character sees/interacts with the world, their views, give us a painting of who they are)
History: (Optional, but recommended if you want to flesh out your character - Please write at least two-hundred words if you decide to add this to your app)

Christine, or Lamina as she is known within the Temple, has the build of a somewhat well-toned woman for her age as a result of her training and of her constant sparring with other Knights
* The Temple and its religion.

* Selfless individuals and those who give to charity.

* Being a part of something bigger than herself.

* Having a purpose in life.

* Enemies of The Temple.

* Bandits and other law-breakers.

* Cowards and those who dissent from their respective armies.

Out Of Character Additions:
Face-Claim: agrias oaks - Final Fantasy Tactics
Alternate Character: Yes [Nightmare]

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